Friday, November 28, 2008

Emotions and Raw Food

It really is amazing what a difference even a small change in diet can make. The past few days I had mostly been eating high raw. Andrew (my hubby) had been taking very good care of me and making me lots of big salads and smoothies. I had noticed some changes in how I was feeling mentally & emotionally this past week. I was feeling better about myself and those around me. Then yesterday was an "off" day and I had eaten too much cooked food, and I noticed last night I was feeling down and emotional again. Gee, do you think there's a connection between the food we eat and how we feel? ;) I could sit here and beat myself up about not eating well yesterday, but I'm not going to. Why? Simply because this experience has taught me a lot, and that's a good thing. I'm actually becoming grateful for all that I've been through lately. The past few days have solidified for me how awesome a raw food lifestyle is and what it can do for me. I now know so much about the difference in how I feel when I'm eating cooked/processed food, and how wonderful I start to feel when I eat raw, fresh foods. The difference is crystal clear now, and so is the path I'm meant to be on. It's the easiest choice ever. Or should I say "The Best Choice Ever!". Raw foodists everywhere will get that one. Did you get it? ;)

I'm feeling a sense of urgency, and that I don't want to waste any more time. There is SO much I want to accomplish, and I have a lot of goals I want to work towards. They've taken a back seat for far too long. The best thing I can do right now to get myself moving is to get right back to raw foods and that will make me feel better again, and better enable me to work on my other goals. So, again my plans for the weekend are to get organized. I hope to have a menu-planning session with a friend. I need to plan my food more so I don't get super-hungry and end up grabbing something I really don't want to be eating. I also want to make some food up that my daughter can take to school for lunches. The school is nut-free so it makes it more difficult. She likes salad so I do veggie salads and fruit salads, but she doesn't always want them and I don't force her. She's doing well on raw foods, so I just need to find a couple more things for variety that I can alternate salads with, and some more raw snacks, and then I can get rid of the rest of the non-raw food in the house. That will be a fun day. :)

Friday's Question: Do you have goals that you'd like to be working towards, but have been taking a back burner lately? What do you think would help you to move it to the front lines?

Happy emotions to all,


  1. I love you. That's all. Anxiously watching for updates on you! By the way, you look like you have lost some weight on your face. Am I correct? Sienna was so busy when we were together that I didn't get to talk to you about how wonderful you look!

    Sam XoX

  2. Hello! Found you on the raw directory! I definitely didn't realize how much I ate food based on emotions, until I tried raw foods! And my goal is to get back to eating at least 80% raw foods again...but one of the things is money. I know it's an excuse, but having more money would help me be able to focus on raw foods and not so much on money! Ah well, soon! I WILL :)

  3. Hi Debra! I'm glad you found my blog and FB friended me! I have been desiring more friends like you for some time! I concur with you about the emotions tied in to food...if you haven't already noticed by what I've been posting lately. It is a journey to a "new you" (and me!). I find that I turning back is no option for me, even when I am discouraged for whatever reason. I love how good I feel!
    Sometimes toxic emotions have to be cleansed out too, it seems.